Holiday to Ito


In October, we took a MUCH NEEDED week-long break in Ito. Ito is an area of Japan I have had on my bucket list for some time to visit. It’s known for its dramatic coastlines and abundant nature. Oh, and the dormant volcano that looks like a mini Mount Fuji.

Alas, I need to get it out of the way…abundant nature also means…bugs. Now, before living in Japan I wasn’t exactly a fan of things with over six legs. However, in Japan the bugs are monstrous. We have had far too many run-ins with the critters and sadly this holiday also started on the note of 100 legs. Yep, once again as we slept peacefully in our bed, we were joined with a Japanese House Centipede. Awful start to what turned out to be a wonderful trip!

So now that is out of the way, let’s get back to the sweeping coastlines, wonderful walks, and to our utmost surprise given how rural the area was, the best Crepe Restaurant in all of Asia! Firstly, the crepes…WOW. They were crispy and luxurious with the most amazing savoury and sweet fillings. They even offered lemon and sugar, ala traditional pancakes from pancake day in the UK. An absolute treat that we enjoyed three times in seven days – it was hard to say no to as it was only 100 metres away from our accommodation! We were also lucky to find a bakery at the back of this lovely couples house that was only open once a week for an hour and a half! We bought almost everything and it was some of the most delicious baked goods I have ever eaten.

Next, the coastline. The coastline in the area is known as the Jogasaki Coast. The coastline was formed over 4,000 years ago the aforementioned now extinct volcano (Mount Omuro) erupted. The lava hit the ocean and cooled dramatically. In some areas, this leads to the columns or steps that are infamous in Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland. It was scenic and full of coastal walks where we could enjoy the sweeping views far out to sea. Although a few of the walks were cut short due to cobwebs like falling into a lost tomb in Raiders of the Lost Ark. However, mostly we enjoyed days and days of walking around and exploring the abundant nature.

Mount Omuro was also a sight for sore eyes. So clearly a volcano, we were able to enjoy a cable car up it and then a walk around the parameter. The day was so clear, it felt like we could see all of Japan. Mount Fuji, to our surprise, sat proudly on the horizon. We shared the experience with many butterflies, some of which enjoyed a ride on Dan’s shoulder! It was a beautiful walk and one I would highly recommend to anyone lucky enough to visit Japan from a country not known for its volcanic activity…

Another surprise in the area was the abundant opportunity to be creative. We enjoyed both pottery and glass blowing, creating kitchen goods that are quirky, but surprisingly usable! The pottery felt almost meditative. I grandiose plans to make a teapot…as it turned out I could barely manage a medium-sized bowl. Strangely, Dan was unable to make bowls but made some passable mugs. So we somehow ended up with two bowls and two mugs! As for the glass blowing, it was mostly hilarious. I have a nice beer glass with a sizable handle and the most wobbly rim! Still, it is usable and holds good memories. Dan had a little more success unless you look at his glass from certain angles…still, perfectly usable!

Finally, amid the most amazing scenery and relaxing break, a dream came true. In a small little zoo, we came across the opportunity to feed…RED PANDAS!! Absolute goal reached.

Overall, it was the most delightful holiday with lots of beautiful walks and unique experiences. Enjoy some of these glorious, no filter, pictures!

Thanks Ito!

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