Pack All Your Troubles in Your Old Kit Bag…

And smile!

As we prepare for our move to Japan this year, we have undertaken a major flat purge! The, so called, Ebay empire was born. Sell, sell, sell mentality combined with easy Ebay app access has made for a week of boxing up our things and sharing them with strangers. One man’s junk is another man’s…treasure.

It is amazing the saleable items you can find in cupboards, boxes and wardrobes in a small one bed flat. In one, we rediscovered our camera collections. This, combined with our thirst to keep up the pre-Japan move motivation, sparked an idea; “Let’s take photos of our local area to show our students and colleagues in Japan”. And so on Sunday 13 March, we started that process. #SmileSmileSmile #OurJapanStory


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