Jack Garratt’s Trip Down Memory Lane

Last night, Dan and I spent the night in Leeds after seeing Jack Garratt play at the critically acclaimed (in some circles) Stylus Leeds Student Union. Quite the venue delight…

Garratt was enjoyable to watch as a talented one-man band. However, the real story here was the trip down memory lane and near death experience.

Dan, a former student in Leeds, marvelled at the beauty of the sunset and size of Hyde Park. I was impressed by the amount of hills. On our way home from ‘The Library’ (a bar, well named for all those parents calling their children to enquire where they are at 9pm on a Tuesday evening…) a bus tried to kill us. Or a person, but we prefer the bus scenario.

A rock the size of my actual head flew up from underneath the bus as it drove past us at some speed whilst we waited to cross the road. This was followed by casual but urgent suggestions from me of ‘lets speed up / are we being followed?’ Eventually, we concluded that some youth had not thrown it at us / the bus from the darkness of the park beyond, but in fact the bus was the culprit.

Anyway, we survived and went for a reasonable breakfast and wander around Dan’s old stomping ground. The night away in Leeds made us feel young again at least, even though tonight we will be in bed by 8pm…


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