Explosions in the Sky After Another Star was Added

On Thursday 21 April 2016 we all learnt that the artist Prince had died.  Shocking news to many, not least of all Dan and I. Prince was an true icon and legend and major influence on us growing up. He spoke of being different; exploring yourself; being creative and unafraid. Only his words can express how much he will be missed: ‘this is what it sounds like when doves cry’

The following day on the 22 April we went to watch Explosions in the Sky play at the Albert Hall in Manchester. It was a beautiful performance in a very fitting venue. Purple lights reigned down on the stage and a classic Prince soundtrack played between between the supporting artists and Explosions.

The band were energetic and performed in their unique style of heads down and rocking out! We had seen them twelve years before and while we were all much younger…they performed with the same swagger we saw this week. It was amazing to watch and an hour and a half passed rapidly, as we all appreciated the genius on stage.

Still, the music of this week has been overshadowed. RIP Prince.


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