Honey, I’m home!


I arrived in Japan on Sunday (today is Thursday) and what an incredible week it has been so far.

Tokyo orientation was informative and engaging from the start. I met so many people from across the world, all eagerly awaiting their adventure! I didn’t explore as much of Tokyo as some, but did get to spend a brilliant evening at the British embassy. We were welcomed into the incredible complex and home of the Ambassador, and treated to a spot of Taiko drumming…my new hobby!

I arrived in the peaceful Shimonoseki yesterday. I’m suffering a little from jet lag and the heat, but what I can say is that I feel at home in Japan. Once this dream like state lifts, I am certain we will love every second! Yamaguchi prefecture is beautiful and Shimonoseki is surrounded by lush green mountains. I cannot believe our luck to now live here!

We really are fulfilling a dream. I took a few snaps of the past days of my locations, like the hotel room and our new apartment. I’ve yet failed to snap the beauty of this place, but that, along with more reflections, will be on its way soon.



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