What Have we Realised we Cannot Live Without?

The microwave three egg cooker:

Didn`t realise there was ever anything wrong with boiling eggs in a pan. But there is – you just cannot get the cooking consistency and ridiculous sense of satisfaction you achieve with this wonderful egg cooking device. Excuse the melted top, at first we decided to grill it to see how that would turn out…

Chairs with no legs:

Are bliss. My first words after sitting down was we need to take careful care of those so that we can ship them to our next home. I can never be without one again.


Everything is magnetic. The doors, some of the walls, fridges (obviously) and basically everything at school. I now couldn`t live without these magnetic hooks for my keys . being able to stick all important school documents to any surface.

Vending machines:

Cool drinks. 35 degree weather. They are every 100m. They are about a pound per drink. Enough said.

An umbrella to keep the sun out:

When selecting my umbrella I had to be particularly careful about the UV protection it offered. Why? Because I have little intention of using this to keep out the rain (when it rains here it is basically torrential and a full-on wet suit is needed anyway). Instead, it is my portable shade maker. I love it!

Sweat rags:

Mop up the sweaty face / neck / arms and pits (as long as no-one is watching) all day every day. It is basically a flannel or hand towel, but in this humid madness it is always totally socially acceptable to drape it across your body / face / head / neck to ensure you mop up all those rivers of sweat. Just don`t smell it.

The rice cooker:

We can cook almost anything in it, rice, vegetables…. lots of rice and vegetables…

The aircon:

Obvious really. It is the one space in each building where you know you are sane and this isn`t all some weird dream.

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