Washed Out With Beer!

Last weekend we visited an eagerly awaited beer festival in Fukuoka, Kyushu. It was September 18th, but Oktoberfest was in full swing!

That is until we arrived…and brought with us the monsoon rains and lightening storm. For safety, twenty minutes after we arrived, the festival closed for the day. Much to our dismay we had to quickly finish our £10 beer and get out!

So, we took our disappointed faces and soaking wet feet into Fukuoka, discovering a large and vibrant city, with an air of Birmingham. We loved it! Google also helped us out with the location of a second, more city based, beer festival. This one was showcasing Japanese craft beer. Yes please! We also enjoyed an epic pizza in one of the many super snazzy eateries.

A few merry hours later with full pizza and beer bellies we forgot about the wash out of Oktoberfest and even made a very drunk friend. He really enjoyed that Dan is a しゅふ (Shufu) which means housewife in Japanese…

Fukuoka, we will be back!


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