Tunes and Birthday Beats

On Sunday 20th November we attended a music performance at The Beat Cafe. The singer Satoko san joined a very intimate crowd of ten in the beautiful and relaxing beach side setting.

The music was inventive and delicate. Crowd interaction was encouraged through home made coffee bean shakers and rocks against wood for a solid beat. Normally for the shy Brit this would be something of a nightmare. Yet, in this friendly and comforting setting, we got stuck right in!

When we bought our ticket Iā€™d let the cafe know it was the weekend before my birthday. This one is a biggie, so it means a lot to be away from friends and family. Well, The Beat Cafe made me feel at home! They sang happy birthday to me and presented me with a bouquet of flowers! It was extremely thoughtful and moving. They made my 30th celebrations one to remember.

For me making friends and becoming part of a community was what I hoped for when I moved to Japan, and I think The Beat Cafe are going to support us in this!


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