My Bunkasai

A few weeks ago I went to my first bunkasai (cultural school festival) while Dan enjoyed a day at the sumo. Initially, I was ‘proper gutted’ that I would miss out on sumo for ‘work’…

However, my bunkasai day started off well as arrived at school to find some students running about dressed as, what can only be described, as sexy Mrs. Claus. High school is a time for young men to explore the world around them, and wear mini red hot pants and low-v Santa tops apparently! Despite my initial shock, it was clear they were already having a brilliant day and working well together and it was only 8am.

They day got better from here as I explored each classroom’s offerings of games, good food, and even a traditional tea ceremony. I had a warming udon noodle lunch, copious amounts of sweets and snacks, and actually got to learn some science! The school is a technical high school and so has big science / engineering departments. The skills of the students were very clear to see here! I played a large had crafted game of wire loop and was shown how to make a revolving wire statue powered by a battery (I then went on to make this, and five minutes later ruin it by trying to improve it #StoryOfMyLife). I admired the handcrafted wooden shelving unit, whilst wondering if they would really miss the handmade beautiful copper sideboard.

The afternoon continued well as the school brass brand took to the stage. I had to control the overwhelming urge to get funky, as they played some seriously epic tunes!  It ended with the classic school clean up, but even here everyone worked well together and spirits were high. Overall, while Dan watched an iconic Japanese sporting event, I got to experience something that takes place in all schools and all communities across Japan. Yet, this didn’t make it feel any less special. My students were able to show off their skills and personalities and we all had a really great time!

Disclaimer: I’m not allowed to take pictures at school, so, thanks google…

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