Universal Studios Japan

Wow. What a day. I was thoroughly overstimulated and couldn’t sleep for hours after our day-trip to this famous Japanese theme park.

The big not-so-hidden child in Dan was awakened as we explored Hogsmeade Harry Potter village and went on the Flying Dinosaur rollercoaster.

Hogsmeade was wonderful and was really well-done by USJ! There were lovely snow-capped roofs and it looked very similar to the films. I was a little disappointed there was no access to a castle of some kind, but I think that may have been a lot to ask for!

The highlight for the big kid was the Jurrasic Park rollercoaster, the Flying Dinosaur. He loved flying upside down and backwards on the world’s longest flying rollercoaster whilst being smacked in the face with overwhelming g-force. It is safe to say, I hated it. It scared the absolute s**t out of me; I am too old for that. Dan on the other hand, he kept his eyes open the whole way and was in no way sick after the ride. For him, it was well worth the two-hour queue. I think he especially enjoyed seeing me in bits after it gagging into my handbag. Probably shouldn’t have had that beer beforehand…

I enjoyed the Spiderman ride (winner of the world’s best ride a fair few times) which used a 4D experience to make you feel like you really were swinging with spidy.  It was safe for younger kids and lacked a g-force punch in the face, so made me feel only slightly sick afterwards. Good times.

My main memories of the day include needing a beer at midday, nearly wetting myself in queues and on rides, and everyone eating big meat sticks. Turns out these were turkey legs and I think I was the only person in the whole of USJ that didn’t chow down on that tasty flesh.

It was both fun and sickening. Thanks USJ.

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