Mount Koya


During our time in Osaka, we took a day trip to the very spiritual Mount Koya in Wakayama prefecture.

This came the day after our time at Universal Studios Japan and could not have been more different! At Mount Koya we walked the 2km path to the very spiritual and important mausoleum of Kobo Daishi, where it is said he is in a deep state of eternal meditation, awaiting the coming of the Miroku Nyorai, the Buddha of the future.

Kobo Daishi introduced Shingon Buddhism to Japan in 805. Mount Koya is the area that Kobo Daishi chose to settle and practice this Buddhism. It is a very peaceful and calming place, surrounded by a tall ancient forest that secludes the approach Kobo Daishi’s resting place. The 2km path takes a route through a graveyard of over 2,000 graves, dating back many years, and offering the history enthusiasts a sight for sore eyes! Watching the sun rays shine down on tombs built in the 1400s and still standing proud was a precious experience.

Our day-trip to Mount Koya was calming and peaceful. I feel privileged to have visited the spiritual home of Buddhism in Japan.

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