Wedding Anniversary Fun in the Sun


This May, we celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary. It feels both like yesterday and more than two years ago that we got married on a sunny South-West day surrounded by our nearest and dearest.

We had already exchanged gifts a few weeks ago as I couldn’t contain my excitement…Dan bought me my Kyudo (Japanese archery) outfit and I bought him (and in truth, a little me) Japanese F1 2017 tickets and a weekend away in Nagoya! Nice treats all round.

We decided on a low key day, visiting a beach and relaxing in the sun. We took a trip up the coast to the famous Tsnoshima bridge. It was a lovely day and the views were pretty special! We managed to book an outside table at a nice Italian restaurant, overlooking the beautiful turquoise waters and infamous bridge.

After a nice indulgent meal and glass of wine, we took a walk to the nearest beach. We found it after a few false starts and wonderings into people’s gardens, and on arrival we were two of very few people that had decided the 27 degree sunshine was beach weather! Then came one of the highlights…

Dan had recently decided we need to spend more time on the beach, but being North of 25, we need a little more comfort than sand. So, we bought a blow up sofa that inflates with wind power only! It was pretty spectacular and resulted in an afternoon of total lounging and relaxation.

Our evening was topped off with a drink of dry sparkling wine, called Jazzy. All in all, it was a pretty Jazzy second wedding anniversary!

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