Pre-Roasted Coffee Delights

Dan is a master at finding great coffee shops. On our weekend trip to Kumamoto he did not disappoint, as he found his most unusual and delicious yet!

There is a unique coffee shop in Kumamoto city that has been in operation for about 50 years with the same delightful barista. In this coffee shop the man carefully creates one type of coffee, which is a light amber colour. He does not use roasted beans, but rather pre-roasted coffee beans!

The beans are pale and the coffee they make is nutty, sweet and delicious! It really did not taste like any coffee I have had before. However, it was the experience that was particularly winning…and one we nearly ran away from…

The door opened to a tiny wood clad room, with a small coffee bar that seats no more than six. On the bar were large vases of white lilies which add another delicious aroma to the room. You step into a space no bigger than four post-boxes wide and without a window. We were welcomed in and the regulars at the bar shuffled up to make space for us. We didn’t order, but the sparkly eyed barista hands us a cold water with a smile, which he declares is delicious! Then, we wait…About ten minutes later he places a small cup of light amber coffee in front of us. YUM!

The people were friendly, the coffee was delicious, and experience was unique and rather wonderful. Thanks to Dan for another excellent find.

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