Another Beer Festival!

In our weekend at Kumamoto we enjoyed ANOTHER beer festival! Oktoberfest is not dedicated to only October in Japan…so, in the savage 35 degree sun in July, we enjoyed another Oktoberfest festival.

The beer was delicious and they even sold sauerkraut, yum. We managed to whittle away several hours enjoying good beer, good company, and watching a hilarious German-style band trumping badly on instruments after tanking back a lot of beer! It was rather amusing…although at one point got alarming as they did some kind of whip dance. They were surely too tanked for that to be safe. But they made it out, with all eyes, and no whip marks. Success. One for the c.v.

The only downside to another beer festival is the price…a mere 1,400 yen per class, that is about nine pounds! Waaaaah. But, we still did it though…


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