Still Mad, One Year on…

A year ago I wrote a post about why I am mad in Japan. A year later, the madness is less and life is a little more normalised!

  1. The hair. Yep, it is still insane. Although longer now with some blonde tips, it is still hard to control and has a constant fluffy halo. Looking good in Japan 101.
  2. The sweat. Well, I have got more used to the heat and so the intense sweating and panting in the heat has been reduced. However, now I have taken up training for a half marathon, I am often sporting a post run RED face. Man, it is red. People look at me with even more alarm than usual…
  3. I still cannot speak Japanese but I am one year on. So, now I can ask basic things and understand a little more. Importantly, I have picked up on Japanese mannerisms so I give the impression that I understand and speak a lot more than I do! Success?!
  4. I can work things a little easier now. Toilets – I can flush them all. Computer – no longer in Japanese with a mental font. Life wins!

So, things are picking up and I am feeling a lot more ‘normal’ in Japan. I shriek ‘I live in Japan’ less often, but I am still in state of almost constant amazement about the way things are here. I am not sure that will ever change…

Dan, as expected, is learning the language far more effectively than me. But he hasn’t perfected the mannerisms I get to experience in my daily onslaught at school. Combined, we are a force to be reckoned with!

#Yamaguchi #LessMad

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  1. Kimberly says:

    I can totally relate to this post. Journalling the experience is great for you, other JETS and potential JETS. I feel inspired to write as well. 🙂

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