J&J visit the Inaka!

At the end of August we were lucky enough to host our first oversees guests as James and Jade visited us from the U.K.

On Thursday we took a day at the beach and relaxed the hell out of that. The sea was like bath water, but alas, it is quite the temptress! After a mere five minutes of wave jumping enjoyment, the クラゲ (jellyfish) made it known this was now their turf. Thanks for that and the delightful tentacle marks I now host around my ankle! Still, it was pretty fabulous to chill out on our near private beach. The evening was finished off with ramen with a view, as we watched the sunset from our favourite restaurant.

Friday dawned in a leisurely way and we took a walk around Misaka lake. Although not as beautiful as some previous trips due to the low water, it was still a nice march in the country in 35 degree sweaty heat! We managed to convince James that bears were about too (they actually are, but aren’t likely to come and say hello) so he was primed and ready to bear fight the whole afternoon. We finished the day off with an all you can eat and all you can drink, whilst watching the ships on the Kanmon straight. Bliss! Saturday breakfast took the form of sushi (in truth, it was a little early…) and then we waved them off to Hiroshima.

It was fabulous having friends to stay and showing them our little slice of inaka Japan!



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