Running Around

Dan and I are training for a half-marathon. This feels like a pretty big deal, because we have only recently decided we quite like running and have taken on no run anywhere near as big. Yet, we are not the type to chill out and take it too easy, so we gave ourselves the reasonable challenge of running 22km in December.

I have decided to keep myself motivated further by raising money for a cause close to my heart, (GMYN) Greater Manchester Youth Network (please sponsor me here if you can).

GMYN are a brilliant charity who empower young people in, and around, Manchester. I used to volunteer with them as a member of their board of directors, and loved working closely with them. I think community led organisations like this are the way we can change the world. Get people working together, understanding more about each other and their communities, and overcoming barriers as a unit.

As we train, we are lucky enough to have no-end of beautiful and scenic routes to enjoy. The coastline by our apartment provides a nice and clear-cut 5km round-trip, and we can head towards the mountains for that little bit more.

My hope is that with GMYN as my motivation, better health, and beautiful routes we will just keep on running!

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