Time Masters

The Beat cafe has featured in our blog many times. It is a special place, I wish was mine. Not only does it provide an atmosphere to relax the skin off you, but it also showcases local artists and promotes local music and events. It was here on one Saturday that we found a flyer for a gig on the Sunday.

Time Masters they were called, and the flyer promised synthesizers and Danish pop. We were suitably intrigued so took to Google Music for a listen, and found ourselves pulled in with beautiful vocals and a new sound.

The gig took place in a small cafe near Shimonoseki station. One of those places you often pass and it always looks closed. Well, this Sunday evening it was well and truly open! We were joined by Kate and Joe and thoroughly enjoyed an evening of good company and good music.

The first act included the cafe owner. It was pretty post-modern but extremely fun. Throughout one song called ‘Black Cat’ they simply meowed. It was also the first time we have heard the grittiness of a live electric guitar for some time! Time Masters followed this with graceful vocals and really great music that could paint a picture. They demonstrated that they were an extremely talented Danish pop two-piece!

Not a bad way to spend a Sunday evening. Beats getting ready for the working week, that’s for sure.

Thanks Time Masters!

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