Tsunoshima and Goodbyes

In January we took a trip up to the Tsunoshima bridge and island. The trip was our last (for now!) with the lovely Lauren, who is moving back to Hawaii to pursue her career goals of becoming a flight attendant. Lauren’s dedication to seeing as much as possible and Instagram photos has led to some of our most fun exploration adventures during our time in Japan! (Nagasaki night views, paddle boarding, Noashima art island, and burnt out cars to name a few)…

This time we had a leisurely day out, eating lunch at a nice little ocean side cafe on the island. The day was clear and the water looked turquoise and gorgeous (although at just around 10 degrees, it was still too cold to think about swimming…) We even managed a selfie with the bridge, despite there being too many of us with the sun in our eyes.

Whist waiting for the local onsen to open, we enjoyed our celebrating our birthdays in a cafe that brought us three layer pancakes covered in cream, fruits, sauce and sparklers! The lady joked and sang happy birthday as she brought them out to us. It was quite the extravagance before we all took our clothes off together for the onsen! Still, it was oishi A.F.

We dwindled the afternoon away in a brilliant onsen, with an outdoor pool overlooking the ocean. No photos of that for obvious reasons, but it was pretty special! It looked like you could reach out and touch the sea. We enjoyed watching boats pass in the distance, wondering if they were getting an eyeful.

It was a relaxing day to spend together, before Lauren advances on her next big adventure! Yamaguchi friends will certainly miss her, but we all look forward to our cheap flights in the future 😉


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