The Bright City Lights

Dan and I live close to the large city of Fukuoka, with  a booming population of 1.5 million. We are pretty lucky as we can hop on a bus near my main school and arrive in Fukuoka just over an hour later.  So, we frequently do…

This valentines / just another day to make the excuse to go somewhere, we spent a couple of nights treating ourselves to a city break. We found a bargain air bnb and pitched up for two nights of cafe and chill by day and bar and chill by night.

As now 30 somethings, our friends will tell you, we do enjoy a coffee shop. Nothing makes me happier than sitting somewhere new and soaking in the surroundings whilst immersing myself in a good book! It is bliss. This weekend was no different. We sampled the delights of an art space / cum coffee shop. Surely the winner of the millennial coffee culture boom. We topped it off on Sunday by enjoying a game of Jenga in another cafe cum art gallery. Perfect!

In a bid to keep our 30 something bodies looking fine (after the discovery of some photos of us a few years ago when we were clearly loving the ale, and had the body to prove it) we indulged in a highball drink bar crawl. Nice and classy. And it was! No over indulgence for us, just highball enjoyment in a few very classy establishments. Soooooo mature now.

You know it has been a good weekend when Dan brings out his catch phrase: “we could live here couldn’t we?” Yes darling, we could live anywhere. In fact, we are doing just that…

Thanks #Fukuoka for another good one.

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