Walking on Air


During our Golden Week holiday 2018, we visited a famous walking bridge in Miyazaki Prefecture. The bridge, Aya Suspension Bridge, sits at 150 metres above the valley and river below. The bridge is 250 metres across and you walk from one side, swaying side to side, to the other. Such fun!

The view, I am sure, was amazing. However, I didn’t get to enjoy much of it because I was terrified out of my wits! It really was high and swaying quite a lot in the strong winds. You could also see all the way to the ground through the mesh walkway. I think I would have been better had the sides and walkway been solid, but being able to see through made me rather anxious! Though I wasn’t the only one…

Still, it was a unique experience, and the weather was glorious. Dan had a great time, particularly by filming me walking across like Bambi! We also managed to make it there during a lunchtime lull in the Golden Week mayhem too, which means each tourist site across the whole of Japan will be rather busy.

Thanks #Aya! Never look down…

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