Urban Sprawl


So the big move has happened…we are now residents of Tokyo!

It’s not been without its challenges, but after two weeks of settling in, today I finally felt like it was all worth it for the first time. This is partly because I found the local vintage shopping district, which is absolutly fabulous, and because I’ve started running again. Nothing clears my head better…and we have a park with a running track about a minute from our new box, I mean home.

Honestly, I’ve missed the ocean and mountain views more than I expected to. That must be encroaching middle age…but Tokyo is as fabulous and crazy and epic as we had hoped! It really is all we hoped for and more.

So far we have celebrated Dan’s birthday in ST-YLE with a beer hunt in a beer district, so little hunting actually took place as it was kind of hard not to find the beer. We visited the home of Ebisu beer and indulged in the odd flavoursome beer-based tipple and enjoyed a lot of fried food. From our home it was a mere six minutes to the local train station and from there we were kept blissfully dry and cool (damn Tokyo likes a thunder storm in August) as we could travel directly to the beer on a conveyer belt made for human enjoyment and sheer laziness.

After much beer and fried food, whiskey seemed like an excellent idea. And it really was, aside from the fact that I ordered the most expensive whiskey in the house, but alas, I was too drunk to care. Yay for local bars which are staggering distance home from our abode in Numabukuro!

Since then we have wondered around Shinjuku in awe and possible heatstroke, enjoyed some of the best coffee ever, and explored our local areas with our new bikes like bright bushy eyed newcomers. It even makes living in a box for a small fortune each month worth it…thank goodness for blowup beds and a patient husband / wife.

Anyway, must dash, I’ve got beers, coffees, juices to drink, cakes, vegetarian (yep, for real), vegan (OMG) food to eat and clothes, shoes, bags to buy…




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