103 to 201

Why not make the big move to Tokyo a little more complicated? Just follow our failsafe method to ensure ultimate complications and maximum time spent in various bureaucratic nightmares.

1. Relocate to the worlds’ largest city without the help of an employer.

2. Move into a box disguising itself as an apartment.

3. Go to the local town hall and cry for days over endless paperwork to register yourself and your new address.

4. Realise there is a slightly bigger box on the second floor of your apartment block and this one has a bathtub and sink (other than the kitchen sink).

5. Decide to sink £80 into moving into the better box.

6. Inexplicably, but entertainly, go kayaking the evening before moving into the new box.

7. Make the move, realise it was worth it, but that it means you now have to repeat number 3, along with explanations of why the only thing that’s changed on your address is #103 is now #201.

8. The day after you move get a notification that your new residency card is available to pick up from Hell, I mean the Immigration Bureau. Spend several hours standing in a queue to get a number for a second queue.

9. Get your new card and realise that you have given them the #103 address not #201. So your new card has the wrong address on it.

10. Repeat step 3 / 7 again. Much confusion. Never move again.

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