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Dan and I have always called ourselves Team LAN. Get it? It’s and easy one. So when we arrived in Tokyo looking for treats to enjoy of course the *almost the same name* art event by Team LAB called out to us. Plus it is based on Audio Visual tech and, well, you know Dan…

It was one of the hottest days the world has ever seen but it was our reserved day to trek across Tokyo to the exhibition called ‘Without Borders’. I was expecting big things as I had seen friends rave about it on facebook and it was sold as an interactive art exhibition using projectors, lasers, and unique landscapes. Was it worth it? Hell yes. It was amazing! I would have even trekked there had it gone up two degrees to 40 degrees, it was THAT good.

There are three, almost four, distinct areas to enjoy. We entered into the butterfly forest where flowers, butterflies, and animals made of both move around the walls, ceiling and floor. The space is quite dark so you are forced to let your imagination and curiosity guide you. In fact, that was my favourite thing about the whole piece; there was no ‘right way’ to enjoy it or even right way to go, you could simply go where you wanted to. That is what art should be about. Encouraging imagination and curiosity!

From here we moved into a room with floor to ceiling, and floor and ceiling, mirrors and long strips of LED lights. These were set to dance and twinkle to music in a way that hypnotic. We moved around slowly in awe, whilst I tried to ensure no one could see up my skirt. Top tip – wear trousers. From here we moved into a room that would be fit for a drum and base night. Simple white lights going mental to a beat. Everyone was sat on the floor, hypnotised by the beat.

After this and feeling suitable dazzled, we moved upstairs. This was where the real fun began. And we thought downstairs was epic! Upstairs, you have to borrow some special shoes if you have saddles or heals, the floor is all over the place and the space is full of interaction. Children were running wild but so were adults, so it was actually ok (I usually think the strong and silent type of child is best…) There was an area full of huge balloons you could bounce around and on and header like the best of them in very crazy lit slow motion. The floor was wavey which allowed you to follow the flow and slide into various lighting pieces. There was also a vert good fun jungle gym, where you had to walk on wooden planks hung from ropes in crazy lighting. It made us feel high as kites!

We sank an easy two hours into this place and it was worth every second. And on the way out there is a re-entry area so if you want to do it was many times as you like in one day you are very welcome to!

We stumbled out into the bright sunlight blinking back the visions of deer, frogs, birds and giant balloons with huge grins on our faces! Simply excellent.

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