I Spy Mount Fuji

Fuji-san or Mount Fuji is one of Japan’s most iconic volcanos. It’s symetrical shape and illusive nature appeals to tourists and locals alike.

Since moving to Tokyo over three months ago (let’s just take a moment to address how insane it is that THREE months have passed…) we have been on a bit of a Fuji hunting adventure. Rumour had it, you could spy Fuji-san from various locations in Tokyo and we were game to try.

Fuji-san holds significance for many. It is seen as the heart of a Buddhist sect; the aspirational climbing adventure for many; a picture perfect opportunity for those lucky enough to see her through her regular cloud hat; and for Dan and I, she is the site where I agreed Dan could become my Mr in May 2014.

It turns out that the rumours about spying Mount Fuji in Tokyo are very true – if you know where to look. I was recently on a regular jog in the park next to our apartment when, lone behold, I thought “that cloud looks just like Fuji-san”. Turns out, it was. The sunset was beautiful, setting just behind her and she was lit up like a beacon, saying hello. A week or so later I was enjoying another lunch-time sun bask on the rooftop garden at my university and there she was again, joining me in the sunbathe.

This is actually rather impressive. Baring in mind Tokyo is the largest city on planet earth, with 40 million people living here, to be able to see a landmark that is about 140 kilometres away, shows how good the air quality is (at times!). If you find yourself in Tokyo, join me in the game of I-Spy Mount Fuji, and you may be surprised at the sense of joy and wonder you feel when she comes to say hello.

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