Yayoi Kasuma Museum

In February Dan and I visited the Yayoi Kasuma Museum in Tokyo.

Kasuma-san is an internationally known artist, recognised for her art work depicting polka dots and mushrooms. She also made international headlines a few years ago for her outspoken attitude and, somewhat, grumpy expression. She is a real modern-day example of a tortured artist!

Our trip to the museum was marred with a little bitterness, as our lovely friend Lauren had booked the tickets for us, but was unable to come along. Still, the sun was shining again and the museum promised to wow us with some of Kasuma-san’s archived works, including some portrait photographs from her childhood.

The actual museum architecture was unique too. Kasuma-san commissioned the building specifically for her work, so the outside is adorned with her infamous polka dots. Inside, the artwork starts on entry and can even be found in the toilet and elevator! There were various different exhibits to enjoy, including some light-based installation pieces (the polka dot mushrooms again!) and a beautiful sparkling giant mushroom on the roof.

Overall for 1,000 yen (about six pounds) we decided it was worth the trip to enjoy more of Kasuma-san’s work. We had first been introduced to her designs on the beautiful Naoshima Island or ‘art island’. You can read more about adventure here, in a blog piece I wrote for arts education non-profit Artsmith.

Thanks Lauren for a great morning out. See you next time!

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