Spring 2019!


Spring time in Japan is a big deal – it means a change in the weather, ample amounts of hay-fever, and cherry blossom viewing (known as Hanami – flower + see).

The chance to Hanami in Tokyo is a first for us. It means we are trying to catch a glimpse of the fleeting blossoms along with millions of other people, but still, cherry blossoms really are beautiful! We actually enjoyed the busy vibes and hubub of city centre flower viewing. We have spent evenings and sunny weekend days sitting below the blossoms, people watching,  chatting, and enjoying each others company.

I have recently been looking into why they Cherry Blossom trees are so popular in Japan. Hundreds of years ago it was believed that each blossom tree held a god and people could gather below the trees to honour the gods. Over time, this developed into gathering under trees to be thankful and having a drink or two. These days, the party vibe is real under the blossoms! In fact, the other day we were in Ueno park and people were popping champagne under the trees…

This year we have been captured by blossom fever too. We reflected that before moving to japan we thought that the Sakura trees were rare and we would be privileged to see them. On moving to Japan, in spring, it becomes quickly apparent that the trees are not rare, but it is still a privilege to be able to sit under them and enjoy the view. Blossoms represent nature and life: beautiful but fleeting. Plus, they make some excellent social media fodder too…

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