Moving Again


At the end of June Dan and I got the exciting news that come August 28th, we would be doubling the size of our living quarters!

This really is something special, as right now we live in a one room space, 17 squared metres in size. For a regular sized couple, as opposed to a pair of borrowers, this is far too small. It would be tough as a solo person, but trying to fit two of everything in this box, is more than a challenge. It is one we have excelled at for the past year. Frankly, the fact that we haven’t thrown out each other’s possessions in a fit of “I can’t move for your crap” is a miracle.

Imagine our delight to learn that from August 28th we have been allocated an apartment double in size! We are planning to move onto my new university, ICU, campus at the end of August. We have an apartment with everything we could hope for, including two beds. That’s right. TWO. No longer will Dan be sleeping on the floor / living room / wardrobe space. Two desks! TWO. That is one each. A kitchen table, my gosh what a privilege. After a year of sitting on the floor using our camp table to eat from, I’m not sure we know how to be quite so civilised.

It is not only great news for the space factor, but we also get a large reduction in our rental costs, access to a roof area on which I have dreams of becoming a Yogi amongst all of my freshly laundered linens, and also communal living spaces where we can meet and spend time with other graduate students at the university. In Tokyo, it is notoriously challenging to feel part of a local community, and so I am really looking forward to the feeling of belonging that will come with our new home.

Additionally, the ICU campus is a beautiful green and floral space. It is set in 64 acres of lush greenery. The manicured lawns are kept to a minimum and nature is permitted to go a little bit wild. When we look out of our new windows, we will see trees, birds, nature! Rather than building sites and roads. And the best news of all? No direct neighbours. That’s right, our two walls will not be shared with anyone and so we will, finally, get to enjoy some peace and quiet. If you live somewhere where you don’t hear your neighbours, you lucky…but seriously, this is a huge win!

I can’t wait to move, that is fair to say. It wouldn’t be fair to write about this new home without referencing my wonderful husband. Without his generosity, support, and care for my future studies / quality sleep / access to trees, this move wouldn’t be possible. That is because it takes his current one train 40 minute commute to a bus, two train, just over an hour number. He is a supportive one! Lucky, I am.

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