New Home, Brave New World

My posts have been lacking of late. This has not been because of a lack of care or concern for Our Japan Story, but rather because of the start of a brave new chapter in our, frankly wonderful, life in Japan.

When Dan and I made the decision to move to Japan in August 2016, we could never have envisaged the incredible life we would now be living. We moved for a bit of fun, an adventure, a determination not to let illness and stress get us down. What we found in Japan was a place of opportunities, if you are brave enough to take them.

There have been several chapters to the Our Japan story journey, and the latest has just begun. I have officially joined International Christian University (ICU), Tokyo, as a Rotary Peace Fellow. I have spent the month of August attending Japanese language lessons, challenging myself and stepping out of my comfort zone in a big way, both speaking more Japanese than I have ever done before and supporting others to learn the basics of the language. I have met other new fellows (there are 10 of us in this cohort) and been blown away by their stories, goals, and intelligent minds. And, Dan and I have moved house, again!

We now live in the lush forest surroundings of the ICU campus. It wouldn’t be for everyone, after all the nearest shop is a five minute cycle ride away. However, for us it is pretty perfect. Even poor Dan with his extended commute is surviving on the extra space, discounted rent, and frequent nature baths we can now enjoy. They are a thing. Meanwhile, I get to not only nature bathe, but also roll out of bed (we have actual beds now too!) and attend the many lectures, meetings, events, and trips to the library that are going to become my new life.

So, sorry for the delay, but expect big things to come in the Our Japan Story chapter from August 2019!

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