It’s Not a Naughty Word, it’s the JET Programme UK

So, Dan and I applied for the JET programme this year. What an investment it has been! We spent time on our honeymoon in Bali writing our applications for submission by the end of November.

There we were on the glorious island of Gili Gede at our open sea facing bungalow with Via Vacare, still thinking about Japan! It can really get under your skin once you have a vision, a goal. One way for us to achieve this goal is by becoming ALTs on the JET programme.

Applications submitted, an anxious wait, notification of interview, an even longer anxious wait! There are three weeks left of waiting and we can’t help wish we were back on that beautiful Balinese island without electricity. Why? Oh the anxiety around our applications and relapses we have had! Hours have been spent scrutinising our performance from what we actually said, to the way we leaned a little to the left and Dan’s tendency to breathe heavily. Wait! Dan, did you mention how much we love Japan and have been learning Japanese since October 2014?!

But hey, we are smart and professional with successful careers, a teaching background and experience of working in schools behind us. I’d hire us in an instant…but I guess I would say that…#Anxious #OurJapanStory

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