Chocoholics Rejoice!

Ok, so we have discovered possibly the most dangerous place in our local area. A delightful place called Cocoa Tree, where you can purchase chocolate in all of its glorious forms!!

Solid chocolate, sprinkled with star dust. Truffles, sprinkled in more chocolate. And possibly the most dangerous of all; liquid chocolate with a side of chocolate. DELISH…but dangerous!

So now one of our major concerns (well, maybe more mine than Dan’s) is what will life in Japan really be like without this chocolate delight?! We have both thrown our efforts into researching this, only to discover toilet based ‘make your own sugar goo’ alternatives on the Japanese market. Something I am just not sure will quite cut the grade.

The only conclusion I can make, is that after an initial period of painful adjustment and mourning the loss of this liquid indulgent, we are going to be sooooooo healthy! #WinAllRound #OurJapanStory

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