Respond With Light

Today we have witnessed bombings in central Brussels. What a sad and terrifying state of mind the perpetrators must be in to believe raw violence such as this is the way to make their voices heard. The very opposite is true, you raise your voice, you get un-heard. Certainly, I have no intention of listening. Our thoughts are with those that have lost people today; I hope your communities come together and support you.

In contrast to this dangerous human state of mind, on the way to work this morning I saw a young man go out of his way to help a stranger. It was a very teenage dilemma. Two guys were walking along; one got his headphone wire caught around his shoe. He was deep in conversation and didn’t notice as they fell out of his bag onto the street. I sat there on bus 10 metres away, a silly helpless stranger, willing him to look round. But I needn’t have worried! A young man sprinted out of a breakfast bar (I can only assume leaving his breakfast / partner behind) and ran down the street to catch up Mr. Lost his headphones. The guy was reunited with his electrical requirement and merrily went on his way.

A small gesture no doubt, like extending a hand to a stranger, smiling and sharing some food with a homeless person, or thinking before you open your mouth and say something that may be damaging to all but you. In a world of sadness and joys, focusing on these small gestures of human kindness can perhaps help us through the sadness and make the joys more frequent.

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