Our Little Family

As a late twenty-something couple we have acquired some family members from our early twenty-something giddiness.

The first to join our motley crew at three weeks old was Eva, the Hermann Tortoise. Smaller than a 50p when she joined us five years ago, she is now a little bigger than three 50ps!

Next up we added Rosie, the unloved and poorly looked after (therefore rescued by us) pet shop Horsefield Tortoise. She has a poor shell and wouldn’t eat for weeks, but is now a lively thing always looking for food!

Finally, we were joined a few years later by our canaries Barney and Lucy. A male and female pair that have given us three litters of five baby canaries also! For a time we were known as the accidental canary breeders…

We enjoy our little pet shop family very much and will be sad leaving them behind as we make our move to Japan. But, they will be in the capable hands of my sister and Dan’s mum for a time, until our return!


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