Departure to Japan Approaches and the Nerves Have Set in!

Well it is now just three weeks before the big move to Japan!

I cannot believe that after all of this time, we are finally moving.

We have details of our placement and are moving to Shimonoseki city. It is the largest city in the Yamaguchi Prefecture and right on the southern tip. You can actually walk to Kyushu, the next island! Our new home looks wonderful and is all that we hoped for. There is an amazing fish market and it is in a brilliant location to explore the rest of Yamaguchi and Japan beyond! You can even ferry to South Korea…

We also know about our new apartment as well; three rooms, kitchen, bathroom, toilet, balcony, and hallway! Who knew our biggest ever home would be in Japan…the area looks brilliant, just 50m from the ocean. There are great transport links to the rest of the city and with a spare room, we even have an office and place for our family and friends to stay!

The preparation is in overdrive now. How many times can one person pack and unpack the same suitcase…next up, two days in London next week at my pre-departure orientation followed by a meal at the embassy with over two hundred distinguished guests and the Japanese Ambassador. It is JETs 30th anniversary so we are celebrating in style. More news to come in that front after next week…


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