I Would Walk 500 Miles…

Well, we didn’t walk, we drove with a full van of our lives contained in a surprisingly small space. Bar the mattress, which can go to hell.

“How long will it take to pack the van up?” “I think about 45 mins” “Nah, probably more like an hour”

We return to van packing three hours after it started. I have blood all over my hand from some mysterious injury, and the darn mattress won’t fit.

“Right, sod it, let’s go.” And so we did, driving the 500 mile round trip to a hugely appreciated spare bedroom at DJ’s mums house. Now home to some of our most prized possessions, including our two Tortoises Eva and Rosie!

Just one more, final, car load to go as we depart the flat for good on the 2nd  July 2016…farewell Manchester, you have been solid!

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