It’s Called Paradise and There is no Parking Block to be Found…

We are part way through our week-ling trip to Okinawa. So far we have spent time in Naha city on Okinawa island. A little extra time actually, as a Typhoon interrupted our grand plans to island hop. Aka island will be reserved for our next trip!

Today I am writing from Zamami island and it is extremely beautiful. I had high expectations for a laid back tropical paradise, and it does not disappoint. I am currently sat on an almost deserted beach with crystal clear aqua water that is turquoise blue and has a mountain back drop. I would say that was pretty close to perfect! And judging by Dan’s James Bond moment emerging from the ocean, he does too!

The Typhoon was a pain, but we tucked ourselves up in the hotel room, drank whiskey and coke, and fell asleep early! The following day the mayhem had passed. In our extra day in Naha we went all cultural and visited the museum and art gallery, which made for a great day out. To top the day off we got tipsy on beer and Pokémon catching, not too cultural after all…

I’m off to explore more of paradise, there is a hermit crab nearby that requires rescuing from Dan’s clumsy feet!

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