Look at the Stars, Look How They Shine for You!

During our Okinawan holiday we spent two nights on Zamami Island. It was absolute bliss with clear waters and clean air. One of our best bits of our holiday was the star gazing we did on Zamami. The sky was so clear and the moon at its smallest, so the conditions were perfect!

We climbed 1.5km up the mountain in the pitch-dark. It was pretty scary to be honest and we had to reassure each other that we weren’t stark raving mad throughout the hike! At one point some unidentifiable creature latched itself into Dan’s arm and took a sneaky feed…I think a vampire bat…but once we reached the viewing platform we could hear the ocean far below us and the sound of nature in the night all around us. It was worth the hike! When we looked up, millions of starts twinkled back at us. It was truly spectacular!

Knowing the day time views must be a winner at the top of the mountain, we returned the following day like lunatics in the mid-day sun. But oh was it worth it! I concluded it was the most beautiful place I have ever been. Panoramic views of the incredible mountains, islands and turquoise sea. We enjoyed the scenery for hours, disturbed only by the shouts of merry holiday makers on a beach far below us enjoying a banana boat ride. An experience we will never forget!

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