My New Addiction…

Conbini Coffee! I am finding myself with a little more desk time on my hands and so plenty of perfect coffee shaped time opportunities.

I have never been a big coffee drinker. But, the coffee here has less caffeine and more flavour than any coffee I have sampled in the UK. Combine this with the power of the conbini, and flavoursome coffee can be found on every corner for a mere 75p. Plus, I enjoy seeing the little galaxies as I add my cream and do not stir.

Conbini’s are a way of life anyway. You shop there for food, magazines, convenient clothes like spare t-shirts and underwear, drinks hot and cold, airline tickets, concert tickets and anything you buy from Amazon. Their coffee is fresh bean, delicious and simple.

So if you ever come to Japan, pop into your nearest 7 (eleven) or Family Mart and ask for I-su (ice) or Ho-to (hot) co-hi-e (coffee) depending on the weather. Prepare for some cheap taste bud excitement and a small caffeine kick!

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