Cirque du Soleil


In our adult lives, we have never witnessed the skill of the circus. I have vague memories as a child seeing jugglers and clowns and maybe a little trapeze, but the performances we enjoyed at Cirque du Soleil makes those clowns look like fools.

We didn’t really know what at expect as the reviews for Totem, the new show, were pretty mixed. As the show started, I was delighted to enjoy choreography and creativity in bucketfuls! The show was designed to shock and had plenty of fist in the mouth ohmigawd moments. It also had dance, beautiful lighting, amazing costumes, and subtle storylines.

Each act was special, but my favourite were the young couple acting out a lovers tiff, whilst hanging 40 feet in the air with nothing but each others strength to hold them. It was a very special performance, perfectly choreographed and beautifully executed.

Altogether it was a brilliant show, bringing together many nationalities under one roof, to enjoy a language that transcends cultural barriers; performance art. We enjoyed seeing something very different and extremely international!

Our first experience of the epic Cirque du Soleil certainly won’t be our last…

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