Sunday Strawberries

As spring broke, the cherry blossoms departed, and the temperatures rose, we had a gentle afternoon of all-you-can eat strawberry picking.

The all-you-can eat fruit picking is an unusual concept for us, but strawberries….wow, are they delicious. I am pretty sure they have always been tasty, but in Japan they seem to be more juicy and more delicious than I have tasted before!

The day was hot, made even hotter by our hour long strawberry speed eat in a greenhouse. But it was worth every sweaty second. Strawberries in Japan are seen as a luxury item and cost appropriately, so in the supermarket you are looking at several pounds for six. But for a flat fee, we had one hour to eat as many as we could, and we didn’t waste a second!

I won the all-you-can eat race, naturally, with a solid 35. Dan lagged a little behind with 33. YUM! It was a delicious weekend and great way to welcome spring.

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