Japanese Warriors and Grandmothers

On turning 30, we had not realised that our hobbies would branch out to include activities inspired by Japanese warriors and Japanese grandmothers.

Each week we practice Kyudo, or Japanese archery. This is a surprisingly difficult form of archery, which follows a specific etiquette and process. We have also developed a taste for a hobby of a different kind, flower arrangement.

There is a local florist near our apartment that, each month, offers the chance to select some beautiful flowers and practice arranging them in an artful style, under careful and kind supervision. Language was certainly a barrier, but after a little warming up and bonding over arranging flowers, the kind florist and his wife were delighted with our work! In fact, so were we…

The first hour of our first attempt flew by and we managed to create something that was pretty passable and that we have been able to enjoy over the past week. It is a surprisingly calming and satisfying activity and you get a beautiful temporary piece of art to take away. Art that you cannot get bored of because before long, it’s time has passed…

So, we will find ourselves warriors or grandmothers? Or perhaps an interesting mix of the two!

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