Wisteria Garden Part 1

We recently had a relaxing weekend of no plans combined with a casual trip to a wisteria garden and onsen. Kawachi Fuji-en is very famous and the pictures show a stunning wisteria display!

Following the advice on the website, we decided near the end of April was best. After the hour long trip, we arrived in great anticipation of the beauty we would behold. What unfolded was a ten minute walk around a garden of sticks. There was one section of about five bloomed flowers that we crowded around to sniff and photograph, apart from that, it was clear our 500 yen had been wasted.

However, there is no doubt the garden will be beautiful and the scenery of mountains near a beautiful lake was worth the trip! Plus, we got to explore another onsen and bath naked with loads of oldies. Always fun.

What it did convince us of is that there would be a wisteria garden part 2 in the next few weeks! We are hopeful…

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