Amazing Sunsets


When Dan and I moved to Japan a whole year ago, our area felt really residential and lacking in the city fun we had enjoyed in Manchester. It was a difficult adjustment as we were used to spending our evenings in bars enjoying over-priced ale, not strolling along a beach. Don’t get me wrong, real ale and the beach would be the perfect combination, but beach alone has certainly started growing on us!

Where we live we are very lucky to be able to enjoy beautiful sunsets everyday. Often, people in Japan can exaggerate with ‘this is the best mochi’ or ‘this is the most famous tree’. However, when people say ‘Ayaragi is famous for its beautiful sunsets’ it may be an understatement. They are beautiful, and guaranteed almost every day! We are very lucky to have replaced our cosy pubs with wide open glorious nature.

Here are a few of our favourites…

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