Local Festivities

This year two of my high school students have taken Dan and I under their cultural wing. They started to share with us things relating to the many different festivals in Japan. They would write little postcards in English and share them with us, along with traditional food. It is really sweet and has helped us broaden our understanding of Japan life!

As summer approaches in Japan, festivals become a big deal. They celebrate the change of season and always have fireworks and festival foods! It is also traditional for women to wear a traditional dress called Yukata. My students knew that I had not worn a Yukata before, so invited us both to the festival in their families Yukata’s.

On the approach of the festival I felt pretty nervous…I wasn’t confident about wearing and Yukata and I was a little worried about visiting a student’s home. However, I shouldn’t have worried! My student’s family made us extremely welcome in their incredible home. I was dressed quickly in a beautiful Yukata that took my physical breath away as it was so tight! Dan got to wear a nice floaty number. While I looked better, I couldn’t help but envy his ability to breathe out fully…


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