Sports Bar in Roppongi F1 2018

A year ago Dan and I were sat at Suzuka circuit in Japan enjoying the F1 live, whilst furiously tutting at the group of tall Dutch men in front of us who kept insisting on putting up their brollys. The cheek. Eventually our tutting drove them away, never to be seen again.  Thus, in 2017 we won the Japanese Grand Prix.

In 2018 we are living it high in Tokyo and so need to tone down our F1 enjoyment, so we have ended up in a sports bar in the expat district of Tokyo. Roppongi.

First impressions are that I would not recommend this area…its is noticeably dirtier than most of Tokyo and the prices are HIGH. We are now paying tourist prices and it burns our modest-Japanese-salary-filled-Tokyo-housing-prices empty wallets. Still the F1 is on loud and proud and we have mustard on our table so it’s not all bad…

One thing I now love about living in Tokyo is that at times we can be tourists too. Perhaps we are just long-term tourist after all! So today we are enjoying the experience, drinking American pints of Heineken (not and actual pint, one more thing to add to the list of how America gets lots of things wrong…)  and eating burgers. Dirty ones at that.

Happy F1 day Japan!

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