Madrid to Cadiz

12 days of rest for me, 12 days of work for DJ. Who is the winner here?! Him, probably.

We spent our first wedding anniversary enjoying the sights, sounds and some less than desirable smells of Madrid. It was hot, we drank beer and wine a plenty!

We visited the Prado for some culture. So many paintings, so little guidance on how to see them all. We ended up seeing some of the masterpieces, but mainly we walked and talked, missing most of what was on display, and deciding we should get some lunch. It was all a little overwhelming, but still worth the visit to see ‘The Nude’ and vision of the female body represented with all its lumps and bumps, but still looking desirable! Painted in less than a day…

We visited the flea market in Sunday, surprised to struggle finding it for the first 30mins, as once found, we struggled to leave it!

Then the move down to Cadiz arrived. DJ is working in a docked cruise ship, so I thought it would be a chance for me to spend some days relaxing and exploring the streets of this historic town. Which it has been, amongst eating cake, drinking copious amounts of coffee and water, and mainly getting lost. But when you are on your jollies, getting lost is rather fun!

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