Packing Without Boundaries

Time has, as it often does, forced us to commit to packing up our Manchester lives and plunging into the Japan move.

We have no knowledge of our JET placement but have already committed to the programme. This is no problem for me as I am ready to move and have a job, but it could present more challenges for Dan.

However, his genius and ability to succeed have, yet again, come to our rescue! His current job have offered him the chance to move to Japan and work remotely. This is perfect! He will get to continue the work he enjoys and is good at part-time, whilst spending the rest of his day learning Japanese and integrating into our community.

Cue a flurry of packing, googling, researching, notice handing and phone calling in our household…notice on my job and on the flat, along with household bills. Phone calling the embassy and consulate to get details of ‘remote working’ in Japan and visa requirements.

It has been both exciting and mildly stressful to prepare for our big move. The stress has come about due to either a poorly timed or perfectly timed holiday for me, first wedding anniversary and work on a cruise ship in Cadiz for DJ! This has fallen smack bang over our one month notice, but we have managed and will be departing Manchester on the 2nd July 2016.




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